Mountain temple

Today we went to a beautiful temple high up in the mountains! It was so secluded that no one was there, a really calming experience. Also there was a picture of the temple’s guardians, the monkeys that live there. Before that we had a delicious lunch in an old soba (Japanese noodles) restaurant.  We even …



I bought a nice children’s book about Japanese bugs :-D now I can look up the names of all the creepy, nasty and way too big insects we encounter here :-) …


Finally made a picture of a firefly (hotaru). June is hotaru season and a lot of them magically float next to our house.  

Art, gardens and insects

We don’t update this blog very often, mostly because we post on Facebook as well :-o SBut I will try to post those messages here too! We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks, mostly with our school projects, but also learning Japanese and working on our own art projects. Here is some art we …