A Michelin-star Lunch and Piano Concert

Today was a very special day, first we had a fantastic lunch at a Michelin-star restaurant and afterwards went to a piano concert in the Kyoto Concert Hall!

Kyoto has more than 100 Michelin restaurants (with a total of 149 stars) and most of them are very tiny establishments with just one cook and a couple of tables! The  food there is absolutely amazing and since we have the guide, we really wanted to try one of these restaurants. The most expensive Michelin restaurants can cost up to 700 euro p.p. (!!) but there are far cheaper ones as well. We went to Jinroku, a small soba place that serves home-made noodles with fresh ingredients and spices. Our elaborate lunch was only 15 euro and was by far the best soba we have ever eaten!

Jinroku, just north of the Kyoto Botanical Garden

Home-made soba with fresh daikon...

Tofu with soy sauce, fantastic taste!

Rice with delicious herbs and spices


After this fantastic lunch we went to the Kyoto Concert Hall nearby, to visit a piano concert. The concert was the final examn of piano students from Kyoto, ranging from age 4 – 65, and was free to visit! It was really cool to see how talented some of the students were, and the piano music was beautiful!

The Kyoto Concert Hall

Our concert was in the smaller "Murata hall"

pianists of all ages!