Art in London

We went to the Industry Workshops this year in London! This is a 3 day workshop for concept artists around the world so it is the ultimate place to meet new people and learn new techniques. Plus, we could have a small vacation in London!The area where the workshop was held was very interesting, with brick houses, abandoned factories and completely covered in the most beautiful graffiti. Supercool! 


The future is hot! 

The place was so colorful, really cool. But after our workshop was done, we moved to a nice airbnb near Waterloo station and from there we explored London in two packed days. We did four musea, ate a looot of nice (street)food and even had some time left to do some shopping in the endless bookstores they have. And everything was just so colorful!

We visited the British Museum!

Also, the National Gallery and the Tate

Passing all the highlights of London, like … the Big Ben… 

Well yeah, I guess the Big Ben needs some maintenance every now and then too… But at least the London Eye wasn’t covered! We also visited the Tate Modern, which was awesome, but especially the building since it was an old factory:

And on top of all of that we went to the Supreme Court building! Because why not!

I can’t believe how much we did and saw in London those few days! But most of all, I didn’t know London was so colorful and full of art. Supercool!