Australia bonusround: Wildlife!

Ok I want to dedicate this entire post to all the animals we encountered in our roundtrip through Australia! You get warned often to watch out for kangaroos….Aus-27Wombats….Aus-28And koalas…Aus-67But fortunately we only encountered them in the wild and not on the road!

Let’s start with the farm where we stayed for one night. There, they had found a baby kangaroo they were raising! And I got to give the baby some milk! Soooo sweet!Aus-54Aus-63 Aus-56Aus-64It was a beautiful farm by the way, with lots of land surrounding it.Aus-55We were even invited to ride along on a combine while they were harvesting!
Aus-61And I even got to sit behind the wheel! Aus-62But I know, that’s not wildlife, so back to the animals. More kangaroos! Or wallabies. They look the same, just differ in size. Anyway, we saw lots and lots of them in the Grampians National Park, where they would actually start grazing in the evenings right in front of our cabin!Aus-161 Aus-159 Aus-155They are so funny! Especially when they are hopping! They really use their tails as an extra limb.Aus-152

And now, the birds. Wow. Australia has birds that you would expect to see in a zoo, not in the wild!Aus-8 Aus-114 Aus-1 Aus-12This wattlebird was nasty, it attacked me when I was eating a sandwich!! Aus-162And this one was the funniest… The Kookaburra. It makes a lot of noise in the evening and it sounds like a monkey!Aus-117

I recorded its sound, so turn up your volume and listen!

Now one really scary bird… the gigantic emu! We saw a couple when we were strolling in a forest and they started following us.. .very intimidating. They are like dinosaurs!Aus-139 Aus-137 Aus-136

Ok and now we arrive at my favorite animal in Australia: The KOALA. Oooo they are so fuzzy and woolly and slow and lazy and cute. Can’t help it. They are awesome. Enjoy.Aus-211 Aus-214 Aus-212 Aus-140 Aus-138 Aus-135 Aus-115 Aus-113Aus-215


So there! That enough koala for you? :D