Australia pt4: The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road! Woohoo! Driving along epic beaches and cliffs for two days and spotting a lot of wildlife!Aus-109

Sure, it was a bit rainy when we started…Aus-101But those clouds headed towards Melbourne and flooded the city (they really did, we were lucky we missed that). So our Ocean Road was pretty sunny :)Aus-102And cliffyAus-107 Aus-108And a bit gloomyAus-110But once we reached the small town of Lorne, the weather really improved and we did a short hike to a waterfall. The Great Ocean Road also has a lot of jungles and forests.Aus-112 smAustralieWaterval1.jpgWe drove further along the road and there, we spotted our first koala :DAus-115Hooray! We spent the night at Apollo Bay. The next day was really sunny, so we left early and enjoyed a full day of jungles and beaches!Aus-120Aus-118From there we drove to the most southern point of Australia with its oldest working lighthouse: Cape Otway.Aus-1-2Aus-124The Road towards the lighthouse was filled with eucalyptus trees and koalas :)Aus-126 Aus-125After our stop at the lighthouse we drove to the most famous spot along the Great Ocean Road: The 12 Apostles (well no, only 7-ish left!)Aus-127Aus-128But man they are cool!! And the beaches around them are amazing.Aus-129Aus-131Beautiful yellow cliffs! We visited the nearby “Loch Ard Gorge”, named after the 19th century English ship that was shipwrecked there with only 2 survivors.Aus-133The whole coastline near the 12 apostles is absolutely gorgeous. Aus-134We really enjoyed the Great Ocean Road, it had so much variety with beautiful beaches, jungles and lovely towns. It was a very relaxing trip! Aus-104Aus-130

Next up is our 2 day trip to “Kangaroo Island” !