Australia pt5: Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island lies near Adelaide, and it has less kangaroos than the name might suggest haha :p But it has a lot of beautiful wild nature and beaches. By ferry, we arrived at Kangaroo Island in the early morning. Aus-191We took a tour where we explored the island by bus with a group of about 10 people from all over the world (including Holland!) and it was really fun!Aus-216 The first day we visited some beaches and saw a colony of sea lions. Aus-192 Aus-194
Aus-195We then went sandboarding which was really fun. Ward was really good at it (can you spot him in the first picture?) :p The sand dunes looked like a little desert!
Aus-197 Aus-198After our sand adventure, we headed towards our accommodation which was a farm, where we had a nice bbq and a fantastic evening! We were accompanied by a little possum (with baby on its back!) on the roof :)Aus-199The next day we got up very early and spotted a kangaroo on our way to the beach.Aus-200The cliffs had some very nice caverns with beautiful stone formations. You can see the seals lying in the sun!Aus-202 Aus-203From the lighthouse we could see our next destination: The mysterious “Remarkable Stones”:Aus-201Now those are remarkable! Volcanic in origin the granite stones are shaped in the strangest shapes.Aus-204Aus-1-4The colors were amazing too, with deep oranges and reds.Aus-206 Aus-207 Aus-208Aus-1-3That’s a scene you don’t see very day! Next, we headed towards the inland parks of Kangaroo Island.  Aus-210They had a shop there where they sold… cat..rugs…? Cats are not indigenous in Australia and apparently a bit of a plague? Still, kinda weird to sell them as rugs…Aus-217Anyway, back to cuteness!! In the park we spotted the cutest koala so far:Aus-211Haha they are so awesome!! We headed back with the ferry to Adelaide after this, and that was our last full day in Australia.  Woooow!