Bokskogen Bos

We visited a beautiful forest area near Malmö this weekend to go hunting for mushrooms (for photo’s, not eating, we are not pro enough yet when it comes to finding edible mushrooms ;) There was a castle there as well, and we wandered along a 10km trail past many ponds, meadows, pine trees, old oaks and lots of beech (Bokskogen means “Beech forest”). Really pretty!

Very pretty mushrooms! Are they edible though…?
through meadows into dark forests
Lots of ponds and bogs too!
aaaaall kinds of shapes
huge ones
such beautiful patterns!
Soms spiders as well :D
The castle on the edge of the forest

The funny thing was that the forest reminded us a lot of the bamboo forests in Japan! And if you see the photos side by side, you can see how similar they are: