Botanical Krakow

Not much to do during Covid-year, but the Botanical Garden was open to the public! And it’s right behind our house. Never knew!

It’s a huge and beautiful garden full of different plants. Unfortunately, because of ‘Rona, we couldn’t go inside the greenhouses, but there was more than enough to explore outside!

So many colors! I wonder what kind of exotic plants were inside the greenhouses. though

The greenhouses were kinda creepy actually!

I’d love to check out the inside next time!

I love the different shapes and textures of leaves, especially close-up it looks amazing!

Now here is a weird photo, it almost looks fake! Like a movieset or something. But this photo is legit, this is what it looked like there, sky included!

The huge leaves were wonderful!

And ofcourse, with so many plants and flowers, there is bound to be some insectlife too!

and plants that EAT insects (my favorite!)