Colorful Cabins of Falsterbo

This weekend we took the bus to Falsterbo, an area on the most southwestern tip of Sweden. The reason we went there is because the nature preserve there only opens in winter and has a high chance of seal encounters! We DID spot a seal, but more on that later…

trying to make my way to the sea
colorful cabins line the beach
It’s a looooong walk across seaweed covered sand
In the back you can see the old lighthouse of Falsterbo, built at the end of the 18th century. Its location is the oldest lighthouse in Scandinavia, earlier buildings dating way back to the 13th century!
It looks really cool! The lighthouse is not functioning anymore, but still has the marvellous fresnel lamp inside of it.
To spot our first and only seal for the day….. :s This area is home to an entire seal colony but unfortunately we only encountered this one…
the nature reserve has the shape of a very long strip of beach, and at some point, you have to wade through the sea to cross to the other connecting part.
For Swedes, who swim in the ocean in the middle of winter anyway, this was not a problem.
But some people needed some carrying :D
By that time the sun was starting to set, and we turned around to make the long hike back :)
point out the lighthouse!
We could create an album cover together XD
The colorful cabins were bathing in beautiful golden light when we returned!
The golden light was beautiful
Strange effect of floating islands in the distance!

Falsterbro is beautiful! I hoped we would spot some live seals as well, but maybe next time. The reserve is closed from February 1st until October, so we’ll get another chance around my birthday :D