Deer Nara

We spent a lovely day in Nara, the old city located right on the other side of the mountains we see from our balcony. Once the train leaves the tunnel through the mountain, it’s like you’re in a different world! Gone are the endless concrete buildings of Osaka, here are the rivers, green hills and old temples. Beautiful Nara!About 1300 years ago, Nara was the capital of Japan! For only about 80 years, but still! A lot of temples were built, and nowadays the whole temple area is a UNESCO world heritage site. The temple area of Nara is very beautiful, a huge park with old wooden gates and shrines, but the main attraction to most tourists might just be the…_DSC6750Deer! Hundreds of not-shy deer that roam around the site. You can feed them crackers, pet them, and take selfies!The deer are said to be messengers from god in Shinto religion, and that is why they are living around the temples of Nara. It makes the place even more magical :pOne of the most famous temples in Nara, the Todai-ji Temple, houses the world’s biggest bronze statue of Buddha (I love his curls):And a lot of other very beautiful statues and decorations:

Outside though, there is this happy guy:It is said that if you touch him where your body hurts, it will be healed… Behind the big Todai-ji temple, there is whole area of smaller temples, built on a hill and overlooking Nara. It’s a fantastic place to stroll around and take in all the details!

Very interesting details…

Being followed around by a deer :D

 Very nice and peaceful place, Nara, and just on the other side of the mountains! I love the temples, I really do, but I think I had most fun today with those damn cute deer hahaha