Family part 3: The Setsubun Festival!

At the beginning of February Ward’s family visited us in Kyoto! Even though they were only here for a couple of days, we’ve seen so much fantastic things.

First of all, the Setsubun festival! This festival is held to welcome spring, and is celebrated by lighting up huge fires, throwing beans and eating lucky sushi rolls :-).

After the celebration, we visited the Gion area and spotted three Maiko and one Geisha! Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures in time…


We went to the Kyoto Nishiki Market, a fantastic fresh food market where they sell the most wonderful things.



There are all kinds of foods: fresh food…



fake food….


plastic food….

and octopus babies!

Ofcourse we also visited the beautiful temples in our neighbourhood like Ginkakuji.

And had some nice kaitensushi!

toasting with some nice cloudy sake: to a wonderful time in Kyoto.