Friends and Family

Beautiful Kyoto



The past few week we had a lot of visitors, first my family came by and then our friends joined us for over two weeks. Together we discovered a lot of fantastic new things in and around Kyoto! Some highlights:



Arashiyama and it’s nature is fantastic. The bamboo forest is enchanting! We even saw a real “tanuki” (Japanese racoon dog) running acorss the street.

Bamboo forest

A Tanuki! These statues you find all over Japan, since the tanuki plays a big role in Japanese folklore.

We also visited a very peculiar temple there that had a garden full of little stone statues. Those statues turned out to be gravestones for thousands of orphans, apparantly this temple collected all their abandoned bones and holds candle ceremonies for the lost souls every year…

Graveyard of abandoned souls

This mysterious bamboo trail led to even more gravestones


Fushimi Inari is one of my favourite places in Kyoto. The long row of bright red torii across the mountain is fantastic. We followed the whole route and halfway ate a nice boiled egg and an apple at one of the small teahouses.

Thousands of gates...


Since apples are ridiculously expensive in Japan, we rarely eat them anymore!

The Imperial Palace is a place you can visit for free a couple of days a year. It’s a beautiful palace, especially the gardens! Although no royal family lives there anymore, the palace still has ceremonial functions.

Imperial Palace

Some fun in Imperial park :)



We climbed the mountain behind our house again, showing this beautiful view over Kyoto.

Daimonji mountain

And visited Kyoto Station at night:


Kyoto Tower

I already mentioned in earlier posts that the Japanese are experts when it comes to candle and light festivals, and here is yet another example of this :) A couple of famous temples are now open untill 22:00 and decorated with beautiful lights! So magical :)

Temples lit up!

Lit up bamboo forest


And ofcourse we saw a lot of animals and creatures :p  In Maruyama park we saw a little Kingfisher (ijsvogel)!



We encountered a lot of Praying Mantis, getting bigger and

Praying Mantis, cleaning its feet on Ward's hand :)


The spiders are also growing, very colourful with skulls on their bodies! Their webs are huuuge, with several layers.

You can see a creepy face on its back...

And there was this bird of prey, that swooped down and grabbed a sandwich right out of the hands of an unsuspecting Japanese guy :)

Watch out, these birds steal the food right out of your hands!

Together with my sisters we visited Wan Nyan Chu Cafe, which is a small cafe filled with… cats! :p


The ponds are filled with hungry fish:


And some fish!


We visited sooo many places, I’d love to show all the hundreds of photos we took, but for now let’s keep it at this selection :-)

Happy Autumn!