Fujiya 1935: *** Dinner in Osaka

Also for Ward’s birthday, we had a fantastic dinner at Fujiya 1935, a three-starred restaurant just around the corner from our house. We had lunch there last year, and it was so amazing that we wanted to experience dinner too. Needless to say the dinner was even more spectacular!! I’ll just post images of the menu and the food, so you’ll get an impression (though you’ll never know how fantastic the taste was :p)

The inspiration (as it was written on the menu):

“It’s said that the snow absorbs sound. If you open your ears at snowy silent night, you could hear the sound of lives waiting for spring from the earth”

DSC04516DSC04489 DSC04490 DSC04491 DSC04492 DSC04493 DSC04494 DSC04495We had to look for the food underneath the leaves :DDSC04496 DSC04498 DSC04499 DSC04500 DSC04502 DSC04503DSC04505 DSC04507 DSC04508 DSC04509 DSC04510 DSC04512 DSC04513 DSC04514Absolutely fantastic… We chose the wine pairing that made this dinner even more spectacular. Wow!