Hello Japan!

Yesterday we arrived in beautiful Kyoto, and as the taxi dropped us of at our new home it started to snow! We live in a lovely tradtional Japanese house with tatami mats, futons and no chairs :-). The surrounding are amazing, there is a very nice and quiet temple in our backyard (Honen-in) and Ginkaku-ji is just a couple of minutes away. Our house is next to the Philospher’s path, a very famous tourist attraction, where beautiful cherryblossom trees line a meandering path and river.

Today we went downtown, a 15 min. bike ride from our house. After eating several plates of delicious sushi (the salmon tastes completely different from the ones in Holland, and the fish-rice ratio is way more in favour of the fish :p), we went shopping but were interupted by the sirens of firetrucks. The bowlingcentre was on fire! Hundreds of Japanese gathered with their phones to make pictures as the firemen tried to keep everyone away from the area. We made some pictures too. Luckily they got everything under control quickly.

It is very nice to be back here, the food, people, area, it’s all so amazing!