Hey Helsinki!

We made a short trip to Helsinki last weekend and met up with our friend who showed us around the city and its beautiful spaces. Helsinki is all about architecture, design, patterns, snow and sauna, at least it was for us :)

beautiful clear skies
and still big blocks of ice on the water
The architecture was amazing
The university library
Like a spaceship!
the public library was amazing!!
weird spaces inside the library :p
And now for some patterns! They are everywhere in Helsinki, it’s part of the Finnish culture I think :)
Completely engulfed by Scandinavian patterns in the Design museum!
And now for some snow! We went to a lovely cottage for some coffee and cakes, and after that, ice fun!
Supercool Sibelius art monument
Sibelius is a Finnish composer, so this organ-like monument is very fitting :) beautiful how those welding lines look like vines and moss!
The nature around Helsinki is really beautiful
Birch trees everywhere!
Last but not least our sauna adventure! We went to a beautiful sauna built by famous Finnish actor Jasper Paakkonen. We were pretty surprised when he actually came walking in the sauna when we were there! He encouraged us to jump in the ocean, which Ward did, losing his glasses :p So Ward had to dive in again to find them (-4 degrees outside!!)
On top of the sauna
the sauna was great!! it was very energizing!

Helsinki is an amazing city!!! It is beautiful, clean and calm, not so many people. We were really impressed by the architecture and design of the city. The nature around it was gorgeous. For Wards birthday we had dinner in a Finnish restaurant called ” Gron” that served only local ingredients. It was one of the best dinners I’ve ever had, each bite was like tasting a Scandinavian forest. We had such a good time in Helsinki! It is definitely a place we could live! Who knows, maybe in the future?