I ❤ NY: Night

New York is maybe even more amazing at night, when the city lights up in a thousand colors. 

We went up Freedom Tower to the 101st floor and it was so impressive, all the lights and cars moving around, like a giant glow in the dark anthill :p

One night we had some light rain, so suddenly all the lights were reflected on the wet streets. Amazing!

The mist that came off the buildings was incredible!

They almost look like sci-fi spaceships!

Funny to see the people walking down below

Or looking up!

At one point we started to be “creative” and play with all the lights in the city :)

Wandering :)

The Museum of Modern Art had some installation that was really ” New York ” haha:

The view from the 101st floor was so amazing, there were so many cool scenes everywhere:

Times Square was ofcourse awesome during the night:

New York, the city that never sleeps, and neither should you when you’re there :)