Kaiseki Birthday

Yay happy birthday Ward! We celebrated by going to a “kaiseki” restaurant called Grotto, located near our house. Kaiseki is a very traditional Japanese multi-course dinner. Our dinner had 9 courses of the most delicious and real Kyoto style foods. Ofcourse we made a lot of pictures :-)

We ordered some fantastic Japanese sake. Ofcourse, the bottle was handed to me because in traditional Japanese cuisine, the woman always poors the sake for the men haha.

Course 1: Turnip dumpling with soup:

Course 2: Kyoto Specialty Scallion Dumpling. The scallions had a fantastic taste, according to the (english speaking!) chef this was the scallion season :-) The red-white thing was ginger, really tasty:

Course 3: Sashimi. Red snapper and tuna in this case, and wow that tuna was delicious…

Course 4: Sea eal roll in a sauce of eggs. Absolutely amazing :-p

Course 5: “Seven items”. This was definitely the most exotic dish! There was mountain herb tempura, wasabi leaves (really spicy!), chicken liver (really nice soft taste), Oil sardine, baby octopus on toast, seashell sashimi and chicken breast in sea weed dressing:

A closeup of the baby octopus :-) 

Course 6 (by this time I was getting quite full :-p): Baked Spanish mackerel covered in mountain potato (which looked like and tasted a bit like marshmellow :))

Course 7: Fresh Pork in a vegetables-miso pot. Wow, this looked fantastic and tasted even better! It was served with course 8: butterbur rice (and the chef gave us two more portions of this delicious rice to take home and eat later :D)

Course 9, the final course was a delicious dessert of sweet red bean soup and baked sweet potato ice cream!

We sat on the counter, so we could see how the chef prepared all these lovely dishes:

The brothers liked it :)