Maiko Madness

Gotta catch ‘m all!
While walking through Gion, the old entertainment district of Kyoto, we stumbled upon two Maiko. Maiko are Geisha apprentices. At the height of the Geisha era, the 1930’s, men came from all around the country to compete with each other to be with the most popular geisha. From what we saw today, it seems the Maiko/Geisha appeal is still very impressive! Dozens of Japanese people with their cameras tried to get some shots of the two Maiko, who were collecting money for the tsunami victims.
The same mentality can be found with cherry blossoms, or sakura. Sakura season is just about to begin, and where the flowers start blooming Japanese people with cameras seems to be popping up just as fast. All of them are trying to take the best picture they can, every year. Almost like bird spotting for the entire nation, or catching pokemon :-).