Norway pt3: Besseggen

Let me tell you about the infamous Besseggen hike! This a very popular but tough hike that every Norwegian has to do at least once in his life. The views are jawdropping, as it looks over the mountain range, the glaciers, and the enormous turquois glacial lake underneath.

We traveled to Gjendesheim in the morning, to take a small boat that would bring us to the start of the trail. From there, it’s a 6-8 hour walk back.

You can see the dropoff point of the boat below, and we already made quite a climb! The beginning is quite brutal, about an hour of steep climbing, but behind you the bluegreen lake is just gorgeous to see.

After the first steep ascent, you arrive on a ridge with amazing views. After that, there are three more bumps you need to scale!

On every top there is a cairn where you can leave a pebble!

Ancient boulders line the trail up. Some people took their dog on the hike! That was really nice. Next time we’ll take Ohsho hahaha

In the back you can see the strange formations in the landscapes, mountains being pushed up by ice in ancient times.

Placing my pebble!

We were surrounded by glaciers. I thin you could see 4 or 5 at the same time.

We took a few short breaks, but it was quite cold to sit still, so we usually started walking on right away!

After walking for a few hours and climbing the three ridges, the landscape changes, as you are surrounded by lakes.

Just look at that view!!

The color of the lake, especially with the shadows of the clouds falling on its surface, it’s magical to see.

And when you turn around, there is another lake, not as turquois, but strangely, much higher than the lake below! All the lakes we passed were on different heights!

After these amazing views, the path winds down a little to a humongous lake.

Almost like an ocean on top of the mountain! At this point we were almost halfway down the trail, 3 hours in, with the most steep and difficult climb still ahead of us.

Because after this, the trail transforms into a steep ridge of just blocks, that you have to climb with hands and feet, crawling your way up!

you can see the huge lakes beneath me!

You should not go here if you have a fear of heights…

But it’s worth it everytime you turn around and see that view!

After scrambling your way up to the top, you get to a large, dark plateau.

And a huuuge cairn marks the top of the Besseggen! We did it!

But now starts the loooooooooong way down XD. I think climbing up took us around 4,5 hours, but the way down is another 2,5!

Amazing views still, but also a realization how incredibly high up we were! We have to go back down all the way!

And this is probably the most impressive photo I’ve ever taken of Ward XD You can see the road winding back in the background, and in the middle you can actually see the Bitihorn!

Needless to say that the way down was very epic too. And, as an additional surprise, we ran into some wild reindeer on the way back too!

Crossing our path!

Beautiful! In the meantime, you could see the small boats on the lake, the same one that brought us to the beginning of the trail. The skies reflected in the water as if there was another sky in the lake. It looked like a fairytale.

After about 7 hours we made our way back to the starting point and our car. It was quite an exhausting hike but so incredibly impressive!

Yeaaah we’ll return to Jotunheimen and do one of the hundreds of other hikes there, that’s for sure!