Rome pt1: Art Day

It’s been a while!!! In the meantime, we moved to Krakow (I promise I’ll post some photos) and we went on a short vacation to Rome :-) This is part 1, the first day, when we went to Villa Borghese and in the afternoon to the MaXXI museum (Modern Art). Villa Borghese was one of the highlights of our trip to Rome. Villa Borghese is a beautiful villa in the middle of a park in Rome that houses an incredible art collection. We were so impressed by the statues of Bernini! They are so full of life and movement, and to think that Bernini was merely in his 20-ies when he made these awe-inspiring statues is almost unbelievable.Rome2017-2The details are amazing:Rome2017-4The whole villa is beautiful, from floor to ceiling!Rome2017-5 Rome2017-6We were there in the early morning, and it was amazing how the light fell on the statuesRome2017-3Rome2017-8You can see the tears from her eyesRome2017-9After this fantastic art gallery, we went for something completely different. Another artist we really admire is the architect Zaha Hadid. She designed the modern art museum in Rome so that was our next stop!

Rome2017-13The building has incredible curves. Every direction you look there is something interesting going on. Rome2017-10Marvellous!Rome2017-12 Rome2017-21To be honest, I almost wished there was no art inside the building so you could just focus on the architecture. Much of the art in display paled in comparison to this amazing building.Rome2017-11Rome2017-16Rome2017-19The building was in the middle of the city which made an amazing contrast!Rome2017-22After our visit we wandered around the city, it was beautiful weather.Rome2017-24And Rome has surprises on every corner, like this Egyptian obelisk.Rome2017-23And then suddenly, the Trevi Fountain!Rome2017-25One of the monument you cannot miss is the enooorrrmouusssss “Altare della Patria”, or monument to Victor Emanuele, the first king of Italy, built in the beginning of the 20th century.Rome2017-31It’s right next to the Forum Romanum:Rome2017-27And it’s so ridiculously big!Rome2017-30 Rome2017-32Rome_small_1The sunlight in Rome is definitely different. It is very warm and yellowish, and the sunset makes very long and blue shadows.Rome2017-28We had a small stop on the Spanish Steps watching the sun go down…Rome_small_7And strolled back to our hotel and saw a beautiful sunset over the VaticanRome_small_5
Not bad for our first day in Rome!