SEIKAWEEK Part 1: Graduation exhibition of Kyoto Seika University

In Japan the schoolyear ends in february, and this is the time when you can finally see what all the students have been working on! The graduation exhibition of Kyoto Seika University is huuuge, located on several places in Kyoto including the Kyoto Municipal Museum and the Kyoto Manga Museum. Our work are exhibited as well!!

Part 1: The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art:

Textile department:


This was painted on a very long scroll!

Nihonga (Japanese Oil Painting)

Oil Painting:

I think this was in Media Arts…:

With a surprise underneath :-p


Armor design :-p This was in the sculpture department!

A friend of ours is studying to become a car designer and his works are really cool!:

The digital creation department (where I studied too) developed videogames and this cool digital comic:

Another friend of ours made these supercool origami-bags in the product design department:

Mirror design :)


The Illustration department made some very cool stuff too, here are some impressions:

Look at all the detail!!