Skåne Castles

Over the long May weekend, we went on a couple of trips to different castles around Malmo. First we biked all the way to Torup!

There are many many bikelanes around Malmo, making it fantastic biketrip to explore the area.

Torup castle is a beautiful 16th century medieval castle with a massive garden that has a small playhouse for the children in which they could bake pancakes :D
We had lunch in the castle garden and then ventured out into the forests surrounding it.

Bokskogen is the huge forest around Torup castle, we went there in autumn a year back, but now in spring it looked very different! Very green and filled with flowers.

There are also many bogs and swamps around!
The flowers were amazing…

Torup and Bokskogen are a very a nice area to explore outside of Malmo, and its so closeby that you can take the bike!

The next day, we decided to explore another castle, this time it was called Alnarp :D

This castle was originally built in the 13th century, but in the 19th century they built this version of it. It now houses the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and has a huge park around it with the second greatest variety of trees in Sweden :)
The place looks like a fairytale, with flowers and small cottages
There is also a really nice cafe that has home-made cakes and sells plants too!
After visiting the castle, we biked further up north to beach town Lomma.
From here you could clearly see the Torso :D
Ofcouuurse we had a nice lunch at a local fish restaurant :D

We headed back to Malmo for a nice evening in the sun!