Sushi & Snow in Stockholm

The first week of 2022 we spent in wonderful Stockholm! We took the train from Malmö, and 5 hours later we were in Sweden’s capital. Our hotelroom had an amazing view over the city!

Stockholm is a lovely city, basically a couple of islands connected to eachother, with on each island a different kind of district. In the middle there is the “old town”, with small streets and lots of tiny shops.

the lions of Stockholm

As you can see, lots of photos in the dark, because in Stockholm the sun sets around 3 in winter… so we spent most of the “day” in the dark! Luckily, the whole city is covered in lights :D

And yes! There was snow. Lots of it! We made a snowman.

Just wandering around the city was a treat in itself. There is so much to see in Stockholm!

What I love about Stockholm is that almost all musea are free! So we saw a lot of different things, from Asian art to military history, Egyptian mummies, Rembrandt paintings, gingerbread houses to the royal armoury. How cool is that!

we didn’t actually go here XD

We also went to the Vasa museum, which houses a fully intact 17th century ship, that sunk on it’s first voyage right there in the bay of Stockholm. The reason was a fatal mistake in its design, which caused it to basically to turn on its side and sink in the wind. (It was designed by a Dutch person XD….)

The ship is insanely big, and so well preserved! When we entered I just stood there for a minute in awe. The exhibition is great, with lots of information on how it sank, the skeletons they found on the ship, but also about how they managed to recover the ship. Really amazing museum!!

one of the mermaids on the ship

We visited more nature areas of Stockholm, as well as taking the boat to hop between islands :)

But now I have to dedicate an entire section to FOOD :) We visited some amazing restaurants in Stockholm! The first one was a michelin-starred sushi place that was fantastic. It was tiny, and we sat with 8 people at the bar, watching the chefs prepare all kinds of amazing dishes, while sipping different kinds of sake. It was so nostalgic and amazing!

We will definitely visit this place again!

But that was not the only amazing place we went to in Stochholm. “Ichi” is a restaurant by a chef from Osaka! She combines Nordic ingredients with Japanese influences, and that results in absolutely amazing and beautiful dishes.

Absolute highlights for us!

All in all we kind of fell in love with Stockholm. It is a picturesque city, and has so many interesting musea, districts, restaurants and parks. We’d love to go back, or perhaps live there someday (and eat sushi every day ;)