Tatra Travels

2020 hasn’t really been a year for travelling, and so we decided to explore Poland instead! We went to the Tatra mountains, only a 2 hour busride away from Krakow, and one of the most beautiful spots in Poland!

We went to Zakopane, the village on the base of the mountains, and spent 4 days hiking from there to the Tatra peaks. The first day we climbed mount Nosal, a small mountain but with spectacular views.

very cool views!

And heeere I hurt my ankle :p I misstepped and it hurt like crazy. When we got back to our hotel the whole ankle was swollen. We had three more days of hiking to go XD Luckily the next day the swelling was not so bad, but I spent the next three days veeery carefully walking down the trails.

The next day, we took the cable car to the higher alps and started walking from there. This area is actually the border between Poland and Slovakia!

This day we hiked for about 8 hours through the mountains and past all the lakes. There are so many! And all of them beautifully colored.

Up and down and up and down we went, making our way through the valleys.

We climbed one more high ridge, and on the other side, there was a beautiful view of the ” black pond”, which is not black at all but aqua blue XD

the “black” pond!
still a loooooong way down
Reallly gorgeous, with the reflections of the mountains

We weren’t the only ones there though XD

Polish people really go all the way for their weddingshots :p Beneath her beautiful white gown she was wearing heavy hiking boots haha.

After reaching the black pond, we made our way down from the mountains and took a rest to prepare for a third day of epic hiking!

At 8:00 am we were already high up in the alps. We took a long hiking route that goes straight over the mountain ridge, which is exactly where the border between Poland and Slovakia is.

left is Slovakia, right is Poland!

Because it was so early in the morning, we saw some wildlife! A group of deers was passing the border.

I think this was the most beautiful trail we hiked in the Tatra’s.


Slovakia was more sunny than Poland XD

We then took a long trail down, towards a hiking lodge, where they served coffee and sausages!! :p

The lodge has about 20 sleeping places and you can stay there for a night so you can continue your hikes in the early morning. There we many of these lodges scattered around the alps, really cool.

During our way down we passed an old shepherd’s house, and actually here they still herd the sheep according to old traditions. They make very specific types of cheese from their milk, which they smoke in traditional shacks. It was so amazing to see this in the middle of the alps!

shepherd (+ dog) in action!
one of the old smoke shacks for cheese
exhausted hahaha

The fourth and final day we had to do a smaller hike, because we had to be back in time for the bus to Krakow, but also because we had muscle aches of an intensity I have never felt before XD six months of home office has not been good for our muscles :p

We went through forest areas, and here I am pointing to the right because there was a group of deers! (sorry no photo of them :p)

When we got back to Krakow that night we just rested, our legs could barely move anymore :p I loved it though, the Tatra mountains! So closeby and so amazing <3