Thailand pt1: Busy Bangkok

Thailand pt1: Busy Bangkok
For Christmas and New Year we traveled to Thailand! I didn’t realize how diverse Thailand actually is, you can find old temples, a cyberpunk city, jungles full of monkeys and snakes, and beautiful white sanded beaches. We went to all of that! I’ve divided the posts up in to four parts: [Busy Bangkok], [Ancient Temples], [Jungles of Khao Yai] and [Kwai and Ko Samet].

Let’s start with the big, cyberpunk city of Bangkok. This city is in itself so diverse, with different neighborhoods having their completely own personality. First we stayed some nights near the riverside, where the city is full of small streetmarkets!

all kinds of food on the street markets of Bangkok
even crocodiles

We spent new year’s eve in the modern and very cyberpunk Sukhumvit.

high skyscrapers in Sukhumvit!
people are walking towards the countdown for new years’ eve
almost 2020!
Happy Newyear!!!
and now aaaall those thousands of people walk back home in the streets of Bangkok :)
or take the VIP tuktuk

We also roamed around Chinatown with its endless markets and alleyways. What an experience! There are so many colors, smells and tastes when you roam around Bangkok. All your senses are being bombarded non-stop!

endless alleys full of marketstands selling everything!
This apartment building was astonishing, since there was a huge market underneath it in its car park!
Entrance to a carpark that doubles as a restaurant :)

Bangkok has so many markets, some on the rivers, but also some right on the traintracks! We visited one of those markets.

The market is literally on the traintracks!
five times a day there is an actual train coming through, and all the marketstalls simply fold in and wait for it to pass!
and when it has passed, the market stalls re-appear and the market continues!

With so much food around, ofcourse we ate a lot ;p We went to a Michelin recommended streetfood stall and had the best noodle soup ever!

Besides markets, we visited the golden temple, which is located on a hill and has a beautiful view over the city.

This was next to the golden temple, another temple (there are many many temples in Bangkok!) , and the sun was shining its rays on it that made it look even more holy :)
Buddhist monks were chanting their evening chant while we were admiring the view.
Beautiful Bangkok!

So much for beautiful Bangkok, we visited many different locations in Thailand and next up are the ancient temples of Ayutthaya!