Twins in Japan!

So happy this year, my twinsis and her boyfriend traveled to Japan so we could celebrate our birthday together! They traveled from Tokyo to Matsumoto to Kyoto to Osaka and everything in between, but we could still spend three days together v(^^)v

dodosaka-8We climbed the Daimonji in Kyoto! Always a lovely hike, we used to live right next to it when we were still studying in Kyoto. Aaaah nostalgic.dodosaka-5Lovely hikers!dodosaka-7Some temples too ofcourse!dodosaka-2The famous Japanese rock gardens, well, we saw the making of:dodosaka-4The weather was perfect! dodosaka-3In Osaka, we went shopping :pdodosaka-26And to Osaka aquarium!dodosaka-9







Really nice time :-) It was only three days but we had lots of fun ✌(‘ω’)!!