USA roadtrip pt2: Fantastic Forests

After leaving the busy city of San Francisco behind, it was time for some nature! A lot of nature! First stop: Yosemite National Park.amerikayosemite1USApt2-1Yosemite is really gorgeous. It has incredible mountains (some still with some snow on it!) and even more incredible waterfalls (in spring they are the biggest!).USApt2-3We got up really early – thank you jetlag – and entered the park way before the masses arrived. Around 9 we started to do the Misty Trail. It sounded so mysterious that we had to do it. Later we found out why it was called “Misty”…USApt2-2This huge waterfall produces a thick, wet mist that you have to cross! Thank god for our waterproof windbreakers :-p I was soaked! USApt2-6At some point it started raining, purely from the waterfall mist. How cool is that! USApt2-5The rocks were very slippery!USApt2-8After about and hour or so we climbed the first waterfall! And took a nice break. A lovely blue bird joined us. USApt2-10But wait, there is another waterfall above this waterfall… we could hear it.  So we continued through the forest.USApt2-12I told you we heard another waterfall!USApt2-11We decided to climb that one as well!USApt2-15The rock formations were beautiful!USApt2-22And the views were amazing :-)USApt2-20Finally we made it and took a break on top of Yosemite park :DUSApt2-17It was pretty scary, since there are no railings, just steep cliffs…USApt2-18But apparently Ward is not afraid of heights… He just sat on the edge on top of the waterfall!!!USApt2-19The scale of it all is hard to capture in photos. See if you can spot Ward:USApt2-16How about in this one?USApt2-21After a nice break we started to head down again.USApt2-23And took lots of photogenic breaks  :pUSApt2-9Asquirrel followed us around trying to get our cookiesUSApt2-24Hooray that was our Yosemite adventure! The next day, we headed to Sequoia National Park.USApt2-25Sequoia was high in the mountains and it was pretty cold! But the worlds biggest trees are here. Apparently for them this place has the exact right characteristics for them to grow so huuuge and oooold. USApt2-26Ward was cimbing rocks to get the perfect shot :)USApt2-29This shot!:USApt2-1-2We also visited the biggest tree in the world “General Sherman”  :) (He didn’t fit in the photo :P)USApt2-30There was one tree fallen over that we could walk through:USApt2-28If this all wasn’t amazing enough, we ran into a group of bears on our way back to our lodge!USApt2-31Supercool!!!! We had an amaaaazing time in these two parks!amerikayosemite2But enough forests for now: our next stop was going to be: the desert!