USA Roadtrip pt5: Monument Valley & more!


The final post I’ll make about our fantastic USA trip! This one has a lot of variety, since it covers Monument Valley, the Canyonlands, a bit of Denver and New Orleans!


But first, Monument Valley! We all know those rock formations :-)Monumentvalley-3It’s funny how surreal this area feels, mostly because you know the image so well, from movies and posters, that somehow you suspect it’s a movieset rather than a real environment haha. But it is real!Monumentvalley-1We explored this beautiful place in a very fitting way: by horse!! I think this was one of the highlights of our trip. I never rode a horse before so they gave me the oldest, slowest one named “Magic” :-)Monumentvalley-6We were guided by Ryson, who told us about the legends and folklore of this place, which was really cool!Monumentvalley-9 Monumentvalley-8Ward felt like a real cowboy :pMonumentvalley-7After our adventures in Monument Valley, we drove further north to Moab and the canyonlands, trying not to drive over the tourists that were taking pictures from the middle of the road :p Monumentvalley-4Moab is a supercool town, surrounded by several canyonlands parks and with a lot of activities to do like rafting and rockclimbing. It’s a very relaxed city with nice shops, foodstalls, cafes and bars. We visited two parks, first, Arches National Park. Monumentvalley-12Famous for its … arches! I bet you know this one:Monumentvalley-16The park is beautiful! So many strange rockformations!Monumentvalley-21 Monumentvalley-20 Monumentvalley-15Some looked like people :)Monumentvalley-11The next day we visited another park: Canyonlands National Park. Now that is one impressive park. Because it is high on a plateau, there are breathtaking views of the oddly shapes canyons around everywhere!Monumentvalley-26 Monumentvalley-24And some arches too :)
Monumentvalley-27Wow!Monumentvalley-23And that was our last day in canyon riddled areas, because the next day we would drive all the way to Denver, right through the mountains and past famous skiresort Aspen! Ofcourse there was TONS of snow there!!Monumentvalley-28I think we have seen almost every imaginable landscape in the USA, from forests to deserts to snowy mountains… One thing was missing from our list: swamps!Monumentvalley-36From Denver we flew to beautiful New Orleans! Since most of our time there was spent on parties, an amazing wedding and fantastic bbq’s, we didn’t make a lot of photos of the city. We did however bring our camera to the swamp tour! Monumentvalley-30Pretty creepy place! With a looot of animals!Monumentvalley-32 Monumentvalley-33 Monumentvalley-34 Monumentvalley-37It was awesome!!

All in all I was pretty amazed by how diverse the nature was in America, yet so close together you can drive it. And everything is epic in scale, huge canyons, huge trees, huge deserts, huge mountains, huge hamburgers (wait what) :)

We will ofcourse come back, and explore more areas of this fascinating country!