Vienna Weekend

Since Vienna is just a (7 hour …) busride away from Krakow, we decided to spend the weekend in this beautiful city!Vienna-3There was no way that we could see all the sights in just one weekend… Vienna just has so much to explore! So we made a selection. First we went to palace Belvedere, a beautiful palace in the middle of the city with some nice Klimts!Vienna-4 Vienna-5The city center reminds a bit of Krakow, but then 3 times bigger (also in height)! The main cathedral was amazing with its colorful tiled roof :)Vienna-6Vienna-7Strolling around the city was incredible, every building is so detailed!Vienna-16 Vienna-17 Vienna-14 Vienna-15It’s an architecture heaven!Vienna-13 Vienna-19 Vienna-12We visited a couple of musea, one was the Leopold Museum that had an impressive collection of Egon Schiele and Klimt, as well as other famous artists. Vienna-8Vienna-9We visited the architecture museum, and also the museum of Natural History. The building itself was just as amazing as all the minerals, animals and dinosaurs on display!!Vienna-27 Vienna-21 Vienna-24 Vienna-23This bird reminded us of someone….Vienna-22There was an amazing exhibition about meteorites and research into comets.Vienna-26 Vienna-25Outside we heard loud music: there was a rainbow parade that day! I’ve seen a lot of naked people :pVienna-18We also enjoyed the local food culture :)Vienna-1Vienna-11Aaand then we went the 7 hours back by bus… But since it is so easy to go there, we’ll definitely go back to Vienna!