Sakura Explosion

This week, the sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) started blooming! Since there are so many sakura trees, it is truly an awesome sight to behold. The trees, that are actually somewhat bland during the rest of the year, suddenly explode with pink/white flowers. The trees stay like this for about a week, and then the flowers …


Mountain Temple

Together with our friend Tokutaro, we had a trip to Lake Biwa, the biggest lake of Japan. Tokutaro has a car, so he showed us places we didn’t go before, and it was a lot of fun! One place in particular was fascinating, a mountain with a large temple build on to it. When we …


Seika Lip Dub

This is a very funny video, made by Kyoto Seika students. It shows the university’s library  and surroundings, but most of all it’s a very entertaining video :D So watch and enjoy and taste the atmosphere of Seika University!

Maiko Madness

Gotta catch ‘m all! While walking through Gion, the old entertainment district of Kyoto, we stumbled upon two Maiko. Maiko are Geisha apprentices. At the height of the Geisha era, the 1930’s, men came from all around the country to compete with each other to be with the most popular geisha. From what we saw …