Dramatic Cliffs of Kullaberg

This Easter break we rented a car and drove up to Kullaberg, about 100 km north of Malmo. Kullaberg is beautiful nature reserve on a peninsula, with steep rocky cliffs, hundreds of birds, caves and beach coves, and even an ancient lighthouse. Sounds great doesn’t it? It was!

dreamy landscapes!

We parked the car and then walked all around the peninsula, a 4 hour hike with amazing amazing views, beautiful rocky beaches, caves, and also a lush forest….

We arrived pretty early so it was still very misty, the ships seemed to be floating on clouds!

The cliffs were amazing, most of them you could climb up (or down), and you would stumble on caves and hidden beaches!

epic views!
even the trees had dramatic shapes

There was also a very old lighthouse, that had been there since the 16th century, though this version was a 19th century renovation. Still working!

There we also big forests on the peninsula, green and covered in beautiful flowers. It almost looked like a fairytale! There were tons of bumblebees buzzing around and hundreds of birds singing.

And ofcourse I made some photos of the birds and insects :D

We climbed down some of the cliffs to the rocky beaches below. The trail was sometimes nothing more that a rope on a cliff and you had to climb your own way down.

The scale of the rocks was so impressive! Hard to walk there though, all the boulders were round :D

There was one beach below that was a bit hidden, and there were several caves and alcoves around it. Really beautiful, I took a rock from there home with me!

Overall an amaaazing walk, so many jawdropping views, definitely a place to stop by when you’re in Malmo!

The whole area was just very dreamy, like a fairytale. Perfect trip for Easter!