Honeymoon in Paris

So we had a tiny little three-day honeymoon in Paris before heading back to Japan!


Aaaah the beautiful city of Paris… we visited some fantastic musea, ate delicious dinners and cheeses, drank some nice wines and walked around until our feet fell off (particularly Marthes…). It was a really inspiring trip and I tried to capture some of the highlights.

On our first day we went to the Notre Dame, with its stunning stained glass and architecture. It’s so beautiful!

DSC02813 DSC02811 DSC02809


We climbed the towers to get an exceptional view over Paris, accompanied by the famous gargoyles.


Staying in the medieval atmospheres, we went to Musee de Cluny, a medieval museum housed in a building with a history going back to the Roman period. The building is equally impressive as its content!



And I really wanted to see the beautiful Unicorn tapestries for myself. Very impressive, there are six of them, all portraying one of the human senses. This one symbolizes sight.



The next day we explored the area around our hotel, which was located right next to the pantheon. A great hotel by the way (Hotel du pantheon), we had a beautiful room (theme; butterflies) which had a direct view on the pantheon, we got served breakfast in our room every morning and were welcomed by two glasses of champagne, chocolates and a bouquet of red roses. Wow!



So we visited the pantheon! A very impressive building, with catacombs below where some very famous people like Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Marie Curie are buried.


Beautiful geometry and paintings!



After that, we walked to the Rodin Museum. This museum is located in Rodins own residence, again a very impressive building with a beautiful garden. Fantastic!




Posing in front of the “Gates of Hell”… Rodins (and Camille Claudel!) statues are fantastic, so alive and so full of movement. The emphasis lies on movement, not anatomy, and it is something we as artists can learn a lot from.



We then walked around Paris for a while, its amazing parks and plaza’s. streets and bridges. The atmosphere in Paris is amazing.

DSC02910  DSC03003 DSC02995 DSC02867

And ofcourse we went to the Eiffeltower! We did not climb it ( a 2 hour waiting line prevented us since we had a dinner reservation that night), but nevertheless it’s always fun to walk around one of the most spectacular buildings in Paris. It’s design is amazing, the details are fantastic.



So we had a dinner reservation at ” David Toutain”, a very talented French chef who opened his new restaurant this year. It was really really delicious! And not only that, the atmosphere was warm and nice. The sommelier recommended some excellent light white wine to accompany the imaginative and delicous dishes the chef came up with. The mackerel with coffee (which mixed surprisingly well!) and mouthwatering  eal in black sesame were one of the best things we’ve tasted. Also, the white chocolate and cauliflower was a surprise for the taste buds. This is a restaurant we can really recommend when visiting Paris!

foto 1

Our final day in Paris was completely dedicated to the Louvre and its surroundings. Walking around the Louvre my passion for antiquity was immediately rekindled by the amazing artifacts all around.




There is so so soooooooo much to see in the Louvre, from every time period and art, it’s pretty overwhelming.

DSC02955 DSC02954

Some famous girls:


The Louvre also has an astounding medieval collection.



And Marie Antoinette and her ridiculously lavish lifestyle:




Wow Paris is an amazing city! I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to go back to Japan. We were reminded of this in the streets of Paris when suddenly one of Capcom’s most famous game characters showed up as a decoration on the wall of the Boulevard of Saint Germain:fotosmall


Really cool ofcourse ^^. O well, bye bye Paris, hope to see you again someday!