Osaka Shopping

A couple of days ago I arrived in Osaka, which is completely different from Tokyo! Osaka is a harbour town, the people are more rough but also friendly and open. Also, Osaka is not nearly so big as Tokyo, so I can basically go everywhere by foot. That’s pretty nice since  the public transportation costs a lot more than in Tokyo!

But wow, there are many shops in Osaka!! Basically the whole road between the north station Umeda and the south station Namba is one loooong shopping street. You can walk for hours and you’re still in a shopping street. All the major chainstores in Tokyo can also be found in Osaka (UniQlo, H&M, Ikea, Zara, Tokyu Hands, Loft etc), but the big difference is that here they are all alongside the same street.

I got this map that gives an impression of the shops in Osaka. it covers only about 1/3 of the main shopping street. Alongside this street are more shops, and to the north the street extends even further. I spent my whole day just walking alongside this street haha.