Australia pt2: The Cities

Our travel through Australia was so inspiring! We have so much photos to show, but let’s start with the big cities we visited!Aus-5We arrived in Sydney, where Wards aunt picked us up and gave us a tour of the city! We finally saw the beautiful operahouse.Aus-3 Aus-4We climbed the bridge to have an awesome view of the city.Aus-9Aus-7We also made a walk through the botanical gardens, and it is amazing to see what kind of strange plants and animals are “normal” in Australia :-)

Aus-8 Aus-2 Aus-1We spent two days in Sydney with Wards aunt which was really fun, she also showed us the beautiful Blue Mountains, but I will spend the next post showing photos of that :-) After Sydney, we drove to Canberra and then through the Snowy Mountains, spent one night on an Australian farm (again, all of this in the next post!) and after 4 days arrived in… Melbourne!Aus-85Aus-100I really liked it there, it had a bit of a European atmosphere with delicious food and coffee!Aus-69But what I loved the most was the grafitti!Aus-70 Aus-74 Aus-75 Aus-77 Aus-78 Aus-80 Aus-83 Aus-92 Aus-95 Aus-94Aus-93We left Melbourne right in time before a massive rainstorm was coming in. We heard later in the news that parts of Melbourne were flooded…!Aus-101From there we started our Great Ocean Road trip, and after a couple of days we arrived in Adelaide. There we also visited the botanical garden where they had a “corpse flower”, a plant that when it blooms smells like dead bodies but only flowers a couple of days every 7-10 years!Aus-188The Japanese garden was full of bamboo… with names inscribed:Aus-190We spent one evening in Adelaide and then headed to Kangaroo Island. Next time I will show some photos of that, including our mountain climbing adventures!Aus-187