Australia pt3: Blue and Snowy Mountains

We’ve visited two famous natural parks in Australia: The Blue Mountains near Sydney, and the Snowy Mountains on the way to Melbourne. First, the beautiful Blue Mountains!

Aus-24Amazing right? This huuuuuuuuge nature area consists of many canyon and valleys. It smells sweet from all the eucalyptus trees.Aus-16We hiked a few trails too!



Aus-17We then visited the famous rock formation “The Three Sisters”

Aus-19Can you spot Ward :pAus-21Very peaceful and beautiful, the Blue Mountains, and so close to Sydney! A few days later, we arrived at a second mountain area, this time the “Snowy Mountains! They were snowy alright :)

Aus-38The reason we came here specifically was to climb Australia’s highest mountain, Kosciuszko, or Kozzy, as the Australians call it :).Aus-49Fantastic and beautiful, but when we started our hike in the early morning, there was a bad storm with strong winds and mist on the mountain…Aus-39

Aus-40At one point, we wanted to turn around. The hike was still at least an hour or two, and we couldn’t see anything because of the mist. But then, suddenly, an American veteran appeared from the fog. “Every step is a decision” he said, and ventured along. We decided to join him.Aus-44Together with Frank, we tackled some scary, snowy routes.Aus-41But we did it!!Aus-42We stood on top of Australia! No view, but we did it :D Afterwards, we hiked all the way back and when the sun started to come out, we decided to hike a little more and explore the mountains.Aus-45\ Aus-48And hiked back down.Aus-29


The colors were sooo impressive!!

Aaaaall the way downAus-36And finish with a special Kosciuszko pale ale! Merry Christmas!Aus-37

But wait! There was ANOTHER mountain park we visited! The Grampians National Park. This is where we celebrated New Year. This secluded but amazing area is formed by sandstone. This makes for amazingly shaped canyons and ridges.

Aus-145 Aus-146 Aus-147 Aus-151 Aus-142 Aus-148

We love mountains!!!