USA Roadtrip pt4: Canyon Crawling

Time for some canyoning!! America has some fine canyons, and again the diversity is astonishing. We went to a couple o’ canyons and this post is going to be very photo-heavy because I had so much difficulty to make a selection :p. This post is about three canyons: Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. All canyons, but all completely different!

Let’s start with Bryce!
What an alien landscape. Bryce is known for it’s “Hoodoo’s”, pillars of eroded red stone.Canyons-8
They sometimes look like people! … or catsCanyons-21We did a hike, the peek-a-boo trail (the name sounds like it’s for toddlers, but believe me it was a pretty tough hike :p)Canyons-9 Canyons-10 Canyons-13Holy shit just look at it, what an environment!! If I would draw this, I bet people would say it was not realistic or “too fantasy”. It’s not! It’s real :-)Canyons-15 Canyons-14 Canyons-17 Canyons-20We did a couple of hikes in Bryce. The oxygen levels were lower than normal there, because Bryce is so high up (average of 2600 meter), so it was sometimes more difficult to breathe!Canyons-23Canyons-11 Canyons-22 Canyons-24I have a million more photos of this awesome place but we have to go the next mind-blowing canyon: the GRAND one!!Canyons-80WOW! The grand canyon is so impressive, you cannot capture it on photos. I mean it. It is too big :pCanyons-63Canyons-62We did a hike there as well, a really cool one, because it descended into the canyon (not all the way to the bottom, that would take more than a day to walk!) Canyons-72Canyons-70Canyons-76Yes a lot of wildlife :D This one was cute, but we also encountered this huge elk suddenly crossing our path!!Canyons-77It’s a pretty dangerous hike – if it’s hot. But when we were there, there was a freezing cold storm, and we had no problems with the heat :P (nice drawing btw)Canyons-74 Canyons-75But now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. SUNSET IN THE GRAND CANYON. Yes, it is as epic as my use of capital letters suggests.Canyons-67Get ready….For epic sunsets!!!Canyons-86 Canyons-88Canyons-90Canyons-85 Canyons-84Canyons-83Canyons-65Well if that wasn’t amazing then I don’t know what is :p The colors of the canyon change in so many different hues, it’s like watching a live painting!Canyons-66Phew! So that was the Grand Canyon :) So on to the next one: Antelope Canyon!Canyons-46I bet you’ve seen this one, it’s so famous, I think it might the most photographed canyon of them all :pCanyons-50Gorgeous though. What happened is that small cracks in the walls were being eroded by the wind, creating these smooth walls with lines on them. It’s a surreal environment.Canyons-53Canyons-48Almost organic? It was really cool, but also flooded with tourists, especially at this time (around noon) when the sun would create these beautiful sunbeams. Very impressive though! Canyons-59 Canyons-56But wait, there’s more! Very close to Antelope Canyon is another famous photo opportunity: Horseshoe bend!Canyons-38Canyons-43Supercool!!! We loooved the canyons, they are hiking heavens and just so overwhelmingly impressive. I could post a billion more photos. But that’s it for now, enough with the canyons, next post will be: Monument Valley and the Canyonlands (whoops, more canyons I guess :-)