Chinese Tokyo

And finally, a post about the Chinese side of Tokyo :-p We went to Chinatown in Yokohama, and to the Kawasaki entertainment hall. What does that last one have to do with China? Well, the whole inside of that gamecenter is decorated like the (now demolished) Walled City of Kowloon! The outside already looks awesome right:Tokyo2017-4Now the inside is even better!Tokyo2017-5Tokyo2017-55Tokyo2017-54Tokyo2017-60Now it really is an entertainment hall, so that means game machines everywhere. But it feels like you are walking in an old Chinese city. Tokyo2017-7Even the toilets are in style:Tokyo2017-53They really put an effort in to making this really feel like a creepy old city, with details such as this:
Tokyo2017-6Interesting experience!Tokyo2017-59

From fake China in Japan we went to real China in Japan, Chinatown in Yokohama. Tokyo2017-14
It is absolutely amazing how this neighbourhood comes to life at night with the beautiful lanterns and neon signs!Tokyo2017-61Tokyo2017-66 Tokyo2017-10 Tokyo2017-69Tokyo2017-11Tokyo2017-68And unlike the ones in the entertainment center, here are some real ducks!Tokyo2017-67But the most beautiful place was the huge temple in the middle of the neighbourhood and the spectacular lanterns:Tokyo2017-12Tokyo2017-63Tokyo2017-13
Definitely worth a visit when you’re in Tokyo!