Moody Tokyo

Tokyo is very moody during the night. We wandered around the city each night, visited all kinds of shady restaurants and bars, and made loooots of photos.Tokyo2017-115Especially the Shinjuku district is very atmospheric. It reminds of movies like Blade Runner.Tokyo2017-111We visited “Piss Alley”, named after the public toilet there, used heavily since the area is filled with tiny bars and restaurants :-) Sounds…. interesting.. :-pTokyo2017-36But it was awesome, all these tiny alleys with small restaurants packed with people. We ordered a bowl of soba at one of the on-street-restaurants for just 3 euros!Tokyo2017-39Tokyo2017-113It is such a moody place!
Tokyo2017-49Tokyo2017-50Tokyo2017-38Tokyo2017-114Tokyo2017-48 Another very moody area of Tokyo is the Tsukiji Fish Market. We went there when we were staying in Ginza in our little capsule hotel, and it started raining very heavily, which created even more moodiness :PTokyo2017-80Tokyo2017-81We went there in the evening when all the shops were closed, and then again the next morning when everything was open and bustling.Tokyo2017-79Tokyo2017-21 Tokyo2017-20 Tokyo2017-76AWe went up some stairs and through some hallways to find a beautiful sushibar hidden away in the maze of alleys, where we had the best tuna ever!Tokyo2017-26 Tokyo2017-82 Tokyo2017-83 Tokyo2017-84 Tokyo2017-85After our delicious lunch we wandered around a bit more through all the shops and alleys and also the big area where the fish is auctioned in the early morning. Tokyo2017-25Tokyo2017-86(I love their deep sea calendar:p)

Tokyo2017-89Haha delicious :p Tokyo2017-88Tokyo’s underground and architecture can be so moody and atmospheric, we love that…Tokyo2017-91 Tokyo2017-47 Tokyo2017-122