I ❤ NY: Daytime

We ❤ New York! We spent one week in the middle of Manhattan and here are our adventures in the city that never sleeps!

This first post will be about all our wanderings in NY during the day. The city transforms at night, but those photos will come in the next post! 

Woooow New York is so ALIVE! In the mornings we would get up early and join the morning bustle of thousands of people getting to work. We walked a lot in NY, and loved to wander around the streets and see the different neighborhoods. Our hotel had an awesome view on the city: The first day we did an “architecture walk” to discover all the amazing buildings in Manhattan.
Only 10.000 more windows to go: 

We wandered along the High Line, which is a long, elevated park that meanders between the skyscrapers and offers amazing views of the city!

The neighborhood around the southside of the High Line, Chelsea, was really nice with all kinds of boutiques and art shops. 

We also visited a lot of musea in NY! The Guggenheim was fantastic, especially because the building feels part of the museum itself. 

We also went to the Metropolitan museum of Art which we seriously underestimated in size…. I knew it was a big museum but holy shit, it is an endless maze of rooms and chambers filled with ancient up until modern art. There was one room with an entire Egyptian temple in it! Needless to say we were exhausted after this trip :)

Both the Guggenheim and the Met are located near or in Central Park. I loved it! It such a nice, green oasis in the middle of the city. You feel like you’re in a forest yet there are skyscrapers everywhere.  I did quite some drawing and painting there!

There were so many squirrels, they’re so funny! I made a photo of one and later realized that he wasn’t eating an acorn, he was eating a … bird..? (are squirrels carnivores??)

That’s more like it!

So we left our furry carnivorous friends and went back in to the city, visiting the Museum of Modern Art, Times Square, Broadway and also Wall street and the Freedom Tower.

We went to the top of the Freedom Tower (or “one world trade center”) for amazing views of the city (a looot more photos in the next “night” post ;) )

One very interesting museum we went to was the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum, where we went into a submarine, and walked across an aircraft carrier to see a spaceshuttle and endless rows of warplanes! 

But wait! I forgot to talk about New York food!

XD Nah we didn’t do MacD, but we ate some of the best pastrami ever:

And ofcourse a hotdog from the local hotdog stand:(finally a picture with Ward in it XD)

O man New York was so cool! The city has so many things going on, art, architecture, nature even, we absolutely loved it.

But wait untill you see the next post, New York … at night!!