Lovely Tokyo

We went to Tokyo for a couple of days, just to have fun and visit some places we never gotten around to visiting, because who knows when we will come back to Japan??? So I am going to make 4 posts about different sides of Tokyo. We did so so so much different awesome things there that it does not fit in one post. So here it is:  Lovely Tokyo, Crazy Tokyo, Moody Tokyo,  and Chinese Tokyo :-)

Let’s start with the beautiful, lovely side of Tokyo! First of all, we went to the amazing Much Exhibition in the National Art Center to see the famous Slav Epic. These 20 huge paintings are usually in Prague, but are for the first time abroad, on a 2 year world tour, so this was our chance to see it. Tokyo2017-71It was extremely impressive. I love Mucha’s Art Nouveau work, but these paintings have to be my absolute favorite. They are so impressive, not only because of the size, but also because of the color, lighting and beautiful characters.
Tokyo2017-17Tokyo2017-73The exhibition was extremely crowded, but we were there on a Monday during opening hours, so had the chance to take some photos. Tokyo2017-72 Tokyo2017-16 Tokyo2017-18Tokyo2017-15Absolutely amazing! We also went to the Mori Art Center for an exhibition of the Old Masters of the Hermitage, again very impressive. No photos allowed though! But we did take a shot of the view. Tokyo2017-45

We took a boat from Tsukiju, on the river, past the Tokyo Skytree, to visit the temple in Asakusa! It is lovely to see such a beautiful temple in the middle of crowded Tokyo.Tokyo2017-29Tokyo2017-32Tokyo2017-90Tokyo2017-92

We timed our visit to Tokyo with the cherry blossoms and they were in full bloom! We ate a delicious bento lunch underneath the blossoms in Shinjuku park, which was amazing! Tokyo2017-120Tokyo2017-121 We also went to Meguro, with tens of full bloom trees alongside the river. Tokyo2017-43 Tokyo2017-44Lovely Tokyo!!