Real Soba

Last week a colleague took us on a roadtrip to eat some “real soba” !Kosoba-8It was a very cool and Japanese experience. The restaurant was located an 1,5 hour drive from Osaka, in the middle of farmlands and rice fields. The restaurant had no sign or anything, so it was a place that you hear about through word of mouth. Kosoba-1Kosoba-10Kosoba-9Kosoba-5The building was beautiful, it was a big open space with tatami floors, and little fires in between them. We sat around a fire and ordered some real soba! Kosoba-11 Kosoba-6 Kosoba-7We ate pure soba, like a soba paste, before it is turned into long strings. It was absolutely delicious, with a very rich, earthy taste. Amazing! Kosoba-12 Kosoba-15It was all so beautiful, we are so happy that we got this Japanese experience before we leave!Kosoba-3On the way home we drove on the highway past the “two towers” of Capcom ;-) Kosoba-17