Prachtig Prague

For our midsummer break, we went to Prague! We both loved the city, you can walk around for hours and keep discovering new things. It reminds a liiiittle bit of Krakow, though Prague is much bigger and has much more extravagant architecture. The Art Nouveau buildings are amazing!

We crossed the famous medieval Charles bridge to visit the Palace, from which you had wonderful views over the city

the bridge in the back!
some disturbing sculptures while crossing the bridge… but a great view on the other side!

On the palace grounds there was the famous St Vita Cathedral, an imposing building with massive stained glass windows!

Prague also has a Jewish neighborhood, with interesting architecture and an overgrown cemetary

All the while it was 30+ degrees!
So we went for some lemonades and apfelstrudels in the the theater cafe :D
And ofcourse, some Mucha as well!

On the last day in Prague we visited the National Gallery, a very cool brutalist building packed with paintings and art!

But, we also made a daytrip to Poland during our stay in Prague! We took a 4 hour bus to the Polish countryside:

It might not look like it, but this is a tattoo studio!

Time for another tattoo :)

It was an amazing experience, kind of surreal, being surrounded by nature and getting a beautiful tattoo. In the evening, we took the bus back to Prague!

It was fantastic in Prague, and we want to return sometime to explore even more. It is such a nice city to just walk around, find some nice bookshops, cafes and coffeeshops, enjoy the beautiful architecture and explore the city.

Na zdraví!