Japan Roadtrip!

We rented a car with a friend and did a little roadtrip! rt2016-1First we visited Takeda Castle! This 15th century castle was built on top of a mountain and overlooked the valleys around it. Now there are only ruins left, which are really impressive. rt2016-3

rt2016-4The most popular time to visit these ruins is in autumn in the early early morning (that is around 4 am in Japan), when clouds form in the valley and the castle seems to be floating in the sky (a bit like our experience on mount Fuji). rt2016-6But that was not today, today it was cloudy ABOVE the ruins, but still a very impressive sight :-)rt2016-2


rt2016-7Nice view no?rt2016-8But we drove a whooole lot further! All the way to the north, to the fisherman’s town of Amanohashidate for a crab hotpot lunch!rt2016-10But Amanohashidate is very famous for ….. its landbridge! Yes it has a naturally formed landbridge in its bay, that in summer looks something like this:amanohashidateBut not today! No, it was very cold, but still beautiful. We walked the whole stretch of beaches and back. rt2016-11It was so cold that even the statues wore hats and scarfs.rt2016-12But when the sun set, the weather became clear and awesome skies appeared!rt2016-13 rt2016-16Very beautiful!rt2016-17 rt2016-18 rt2016-19And we headed back to Osaka. rt2016-20A very cool roadtrip!