Rome pt2: Archaeology Day

We dedicated one day to the archaeology of Rome :-) O wow we love Roman history! Our first stop in the early morning was the Colosseum!Rome2017-34It is so impressive!! Can you believe the games they held here thousands of years ago??Rome2017-56Rome2017-55The Forum Romanum, the very heart of ancient Rome, is located right next to the colosseum so we strolled amidst temples, columns and basilica.Rome_small_2I really love those lonely pillarsRome2017-59The details inside the arches are amazing!Rome2017-57We often strolled around the Forum Romanum in the evenings, because the shadows were beautiful.Rome2017-29And there were olives growing everywhere!Rome2017-58Alongside the Forum Romanum, on the Capitoline hill, is the Capitoline Museum located which houses a massive collection of ancient Roman art. I’m especially fond of emperor Constantine and his big head :)Rome2017-60All the statues in this museum were amazing, and we fell in love with the Roman portraits that are so realistic as if they’re just guys you see on the street :)Rome2017-89Another world famous statue that is on display in the Capitoline museum is this one:Rome2017-63Yes, Romulus and Remus, the legendary twins from the foundation myth of Rome :DRome2017-64Another very peculiar statue is the Artemis of Ephesus. Being the protector of fertility, she has a loooot and I mean a loooot of breasts :)Rome2017-67The museum was full of extraordinary Roman art. Medusa:
Rome2017-65Emperor Commodus trying to look cool by dressing up like Hercules:
Rome2017-70And beautiful Aphrodite:Rome2017-71Being immersed in Roman art, we went to another impressive Roman structure, the famous pantheon!Rome2017-36It’s in the middle of bustling modern Rome. The patheon was built in the 2nd century AD and later turned into a church. It’s roof is spectacular:Rome2017-48Rome2017-52Wow! Archaeology day was awesome :D Rome2017-61